Your account data will not be disclosed, you will need to contact us on Telegram after purchase to make remote access

Remote access is nothing more than a method to enter the game account in your console without knowing email and password, this is for your security and the security of other customers

No, you will play from your personal profile

Yes, you must have an internet connection.

It means that you will not receive a physical disk or a code, but an account from where you can download the game and play it from your profile.

Yes, you can pay by debit or credit card, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Maestro or PayPal.

No, the game is not shareable and is valid for only one console. If you change consoles, you will need to remove the account from the previous one first.

Yes, our method is legal for legislation around the world, and it is allowed. There are no risks of any kind of ban or limitations in your main account.

The email is instant, if you do not see it, also check the inbox in spam/ unwanted. However, you will not receive any credentials and you will need to contact us on Telegram @digitalgam4.

Of course, even if you have already used the game you can request a refund for one of these reasons:
  1. Guarantee of non-operation (Terms & Conditions are provided)
  2. Within 7 days of purchase for any reason
  3. Satisfied or refunded within 14 days with less than 4h of total game, to verify this you will need to provide us with your Xbox nickname

Requesting a refund has never been so simple, in fact it will be enough that you contact us at the same Telegram chat with which you have interacted with us in the past, and make a written request in chat.

You will have to wait for the bank times, once you receive our confirmation by email the refund will already have happened and you will have to wait for your bank to send you the money, usually this happens in 2-5 working days.

No, we only have games for Xbox One / Series X/S.

Yes, starting the game requires that you first do the process of initiating with our profile.

No, it is absolutely forbidden to set it in Xbox home.

We’ve been in the Xbox industry since 2017 and have over 28,000 customers worldwide. We have a Satisfied or Refunded guarantee on the entire Xbox Games catalog, if you are not satisfied request your refund via Telegram Chat to our Customer Support Service.

Of course, we get many messages from dissatisfied customers from other services this happens because given our success have been born copies of our website, we are wary of having relationships with other websites or sellers via Social chat, This is because they can not give you our professionalism and guarantee that distinguishes us in fact being our registered company we are legally obliged. As well as morally.

Every month we update and propose new games and offers. Stay updated on our official Telegram channel: @ebaygameslowcost.