CEO / Founder

My superpower? I make chocolate disappear.

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I wake up at dawn only if there’s a promising brunch on the horizon.

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Special talent: I can watch 5 years of TV series in one weekend.

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I’m like a turtle – slow but hungry. And a bit cute too!

Our Story

We exist because of you.

Our passion for video games has deep roots that trace back to our childhood. As we grew up, we continued to nurture our love for the gaming world, despite the changes and challenges that time brought with it.

But how did we start?

Today, some of us are parents and face a gaming landscape different from the past. To understand and adapt to these new realities, we decided to initiate this project, aiming to share with you the opportunity to play at affordable prices.

We work diligently to make video game entertainment accessible to everyone, without having to spend exorbitant amounts. Big companies in the sector earn billions every year, and we aimed to counter this trend, especially at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, by assisting those in financial hardship to play without spending 70 euros on a triple-A title.

We firmly believe that cultivating passions and hobbies, like video games, shouldn’t become a luxury. For this reason, in 2017, we committed to finding a solution to make gaming accessible to everyone. Thanks to a system we devised and meticulously refined, we can proudly assert that we have made the impossible, possible.