Account Game Pass
How Does Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Work?

With this solution, in addition to not having to change accounts, you can save around 100 euros per year. But most importantly, you won’t have to worry about renewal anymore.

Indeed, with this solution, there’s no need to change accounts. Once the Xbox Home is set, it will be as if the game was purchased on your account.

For us, as you know, quality is important, and this service reflects our features and is covered by a warranty.

It Works Like This:

Access to the gamertag allows you to download and play digital games on any Xbox you sign in to. When you set a friend’s console as your Xbox home, that person has access to your games. However, if you move the Xbox home to a different console, the license for digital games transfers to the new console, and your friend won’t be able to launch the games anymore. If you want to share games with your friend, sign in to his Xbox with your account and set the console as your Xbox home. You can also remove your account from his Xbox. If a friend wants to share games with you, follow the opposite process.